I’ve had the privilege of working on three films with Nic and think he’s just one of the best sound editors in the world. His passion is infectious—every film is born again in his studio. He doesn’t just create a rich, authentic soundscape that’s faithful to place, time and subject; he senses and amplifies narrative themes and moods, elevating the film to another level. He’s a real artist and a joy to work with"

James Byrne, Director, Gorongosa Media

I'm a supervising sound editor and nature sound recordist working in both drama and documentary, and specialising in films with nature themes and settings to which I bring my lifelong interest in the natural world.

I'm highly driven by the aesthetic and spatial qualities of sound, and as a field recordist a feature of my work is my sound library which consists largely of my own recordings of natural and urban environments, recorded using advanced spatial formats.

I can be hired independently as well as through the post production facilities and can also bring together a team of Bristol's most renowned mixers, foley artists and editors to provide full audio post production services.

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Award nominations

2013 BAFTA Best Sound – Hinterland
Jackson Wild Best Sound – Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise
Global Impact Film Festival Best Sound Design – Our Gorongosa

Natural History

My favourite pastime of being immersed in, exploring and recording the natural world informs my work. On a visit to a Celtic oak forest in spring we will hear wood warbler, redstart and pied flycatcher, and on the banks of a Andaluscian river: cettis warbler, nightingale and golden oriole…


If possible, I like to be involved from the earliest possible stage–working with the director, composer and editor can offer the opportunity to help conceptualise sound and to work-in ideas.

Contact me to talk to me about your project.