Field Recording

A coalescing of my interests in sound and nature, the collecting of sounds for my work developed into recording and cataloguing soundscapes for their scientific and aesthetic value and as an adjunct to listening within and exploring the natural world. Spatial quality is important to evoke reality and my ambient recording rig has been developed for exciting and realistic reproduction of an environment.

*For info on my 3D rig, currently in development, please contact me.

I've produced libraries of regions including the Saharan Atlas Mountains, Southern Carpathian Mountains and Sierra Morena which have been distributed under the name of Fleeting Sound, and over the past few years have been used in many feature films, games and broadcast productions.

Hiring a dedicated field recordist brings authenticity and provides the sound editor with the sounds to create a richer, more polished aesthetic, whilst providing inspiration and reference for sound design. My recent credits as field recordist include one of Romania's highest-ever grossing films
Untamed Romania and 2020 feature documentary The Last Song of the Nightingale.

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